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(pronounced like "Julian")

Occupation: Young God

Powers: Unknown

Personality: Giulian is a bright young boy that is always curious and full of questions.

He behaves when he has to behave and he's a loose canon whenever he's allowed to do anything he wants.


Occupation: Goddess

Powers: Controls water and ice

Personality: Childlike and immature 90% of the time.

She's kind, energetic, and has an innocent aura that she abuses in order to get what she wants.


Occupation: Guardian Captain

Powers: Controls lightning

Personality: Very serious and duty-bound.


Occupation: Guardian

Powers: Controls wind

Personality: Determined, caring, and devoted.


Occupation: Guardian

Powers: Controls earth

Personality: Flirtatious, lethargic, and selfish.


Occupation: Elder God

Powers: Controls water and ice

Personality: Responsible and intelligent.

He's serious most of the time, but occassionally flirts.


Occupation: Goddess

Powers: Controls plantlife

Personality: Glamorous and sexy. She's very independent, reliable, stubborn, and selfish sometimes.


Occupation: Guardian

Powers: Controls fire to a small extent

Personality: Takes his guardian duties seriously, but he can be laid back at times.

He's stubborn when he knows he's absolutely right, but when he's uncertain,

he keeps his mouth shut and listens to what everyone else has to say.


Occupation: Goldsmith

Powers: None

Personality: Kei is creative and hard-working.

He's usually a kind and gentle person unless he's pushed to the edge.



Occupation: Elder God

Powers: Controls ice and can run fast

Personality: This blind Elder God is calm, quiet, slightly lazy, and has a foul mouth.

He has no record of ever being kind, but he is honest.


Occupation: Traveling Gem Master

Talents: Able to create many different gems that invoke power

Personality: Calm, easygoing, and curious.

Lore and Kessari

Occupations: A guard and a runaway princess

Backgrounds: A complete mystery.

Personalities: Lore is kind and loyal...he would do anything for Kessari.

Kessari is impulsive and possessive when it comes to Lore, but she can be a great help to any that she considers to be her friends.