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The Xiervy

*Just what ARE Xiervy?

- The species of the characters in this comic. They resemble big felines in animal form and retain their ears and tails when they are in an humanistic form (kemonomimi).

*Where, exactly, do they live?

- They exist on a planet all to themselves. There are three main types of Xiervy...Sea, Earth, and Sky. Other special species that exists on their planet are the Uniko and spirit animals.

*What are Uniko?

- Uniko are, essentially, miniature unicorns with fairy wings. They're no bigger than an adult hand.

*How does everything run on this planet?

- Well, there are seven kingdoms. Five on the land and two in the sea. Each kingdom has a royal family. Each kingdom's castle is watched over by an Elder God/Goddess. The small counties in the kingdoms are watched over by average Gods/Goddesses. The Head God is in charge of assigning the other Gods/Goddesses to a particular country. The average Gods/Goddesses have Guardians to protect them from any possible danger.


- Guardians are special Xiervy that are born with markings all over their bodies (just as a human would have moles, beauty marks, or freckles). The Guardians have a large gem on their back that is clear and shapeless when they are born, but takes on the shape and color of the God/Goddess that they end up having to guard. Most Gods/Goddesses have no more than two Guardians with them.


*How did you come up with all this?

- One day, I created Zahara in her animal form. I showed LunnarBunny the drawing and asked her what she thought of it and she began spouting out things like "when I see her, I think of a Goddess...and gems...etc." She had quite literally forced me to make a "world" for her. After Zahara, I designed her Guardians and I fell in love with them so much that I just kept going until we had a rough story. Later on, I told my cousin YadiYada27 of the story and she threw in her own spice and drama into the mixture. And here we are now.

*Who are these Special Guest characters?

- I had done a contest out of curiosity to see if anyone liked the Xiervy species enough to design characters of their own. The response blew me away. Part of the contest prize was to have the best designed characters appear in this comic. The special guest characters fit in so well with the story...I'm honored to draw them.

*How often do you update?

- I try to update once every couple of weeks at least. Forgive my delays.